YOU are the key ingredient! Join your friends and neighbors to help find a cure for cancer!

Welcome to the Robert S. Love Foundation

The Robert S. Love Foundation was created to increase awareness of the seriousness of cancer and to raise funds that will benefit finding cures in Central Texas by supporting innovative, cutting-edge research into cures for the scourge of cancer. It is estimated that 1.6 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the United States last year.

LoveCures, our annual fundraising events promote a legacy of hope for both patients and families touched by this disease. Through our events, LoveCures provides critical funding to world class research, helps our community, and supports cancer victims and their families.

Who is Robert Love?

Although he died in 2002, Robert is still remembered with love and affection. Friend and former business partner Chuck Lucko turned the tragedy of Robert’s death into a story of hope for others facin...

Board of Directors

The success of our annual fundraising events is the direct result of a year-round team effort demonstrated by our valuable Board members....